Friday, February 4, 2011

Plastic do or not to do????

44 is fast approaching, and I am envisioning myself getting free coffee at McDonalds and getting tons of mail from AARP. I feel 44 is the new 34! and dang it, I want to look 34! I look in the mirror and have a million things to complain about. This much belly fat needs to go and boobs need to go up back where they belong...etc. They say a body like mine is the battlescars of popping out LOTS of kids, well, I am waving the white flag. I really want to get plastic surgery, but my chances of winning the lotto are slim, and money is tight. So what is a *want a perfect body wannabe* to do? I take notice to any woman who may have had plastic surgery and, I could look like that and where in world did they get the cash for it? It is expensive! I am not sure I want to be in debt to my body. But it is sure tempting, I mean the clock on youth is ticking for me. Thank God I have Savannah and Reed to make me look young, though I am sure many think they are my grandkids. I shall contemplate this surgery for awhile, because if it makes me feel like a million bucks and youthful again, maybe I will go for it. Hmmm, which kid could I sell to pay for it?? I will just have to photoshop myself everytime I look in the mirror for now. But I take comfort in knowing my tushie is not so bad. But then I cannot see it in the mirror, I will just take my husband's word for it.....Motherhood is Mayhem

Kids + diet = disaster!!!

I just wish I could motivate myself to diet again. It takes me a long long time to get in diet mode, because of the *E* word. EXCERSIZE! I like to walk off weight, but just getting motivated to do that is hard. I live on a hill. So the last time I walked, I thought I would have to crawl home and with the cold air I could barely breathe! Add kids to the mix and well, they are diet busters. If they do not finish their food, I finish it for them. Lord knows, I feel guilty throwing it out knowing children on the other side of the world are starving. Snacking, snacking, and more snacking. That's all they do......and well, me too. Cause there's just not much going on in our area right now. Everything is in the SPRING!! So if the kids eat constantly, I am right behind them, grazing. I make 3 meals a day now......unheard of in my former Clewiston life and heck!! we even eat it at our table all together. My muffin top is just baking away!! Maybe I will just put the kids on a diet with me. Just kidding! Sounded rather nice. I am considering a muzzle. It probably works on humans, moms that eat everything humans! I will get out and walk tomorrow, oh yeah, I am getting that *you can do it feeling*. Pounds kiss yourselves good bye, because you are gonna disappear. But dang it, I am going to the mall tomorrow to get some money back form Auntie Annes Preztels, who overcharged me the other day. Who can resist the smell of that place when you get near it!! starts Monday. Ok, I shall now go try to take super glue off my fingers, because my child just had to use it on some craft as I typed this.......Motherhood is Mayhem!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ridiculously tired!

So I stayed up late to make this new blog and I am exhausted. I like to write, so I figured why not start a blog. I'll be hurting in the morning when the kids come into my bedroom and try to wake me. It's so annoying but so cute when they look at you real closely to see if you are awake, but you pretend to be asleep. This is practically a morning ritual in our house. When I try to stay asleep for a few minutes longer, I can forget it. By then they have trekked dolls and toy cars in to bed. Yep! I feel a little poke from the darn doll's arm. By then, my youngest is announcing that he needs *food*. He does not say breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's *food*. I wake up knowing there is so much to do, well sort of. We just moved to our new town and I am trying to figure things out around here. Like maybe driving myself around again! One panic attack while driving and I am a mess. I have driven like a pro for years(or at least I think I am a good driver, others think differently). But trying to drive in these mountainous roads and high altitudes are making me a wreck. Gosh, I really need to get past this. It makes me crazy to not be able to drive. I am praying everyday for this to pass. I have thought about playing the lotto to see if I win, then I can get a chauffer. Seriously! Moving has been draining, but WOW, Tennessee is beautiful. The mountains are amazing and peaceful. I alway hear the kids yelling in the background, but I usually tune it out, when I am looking at God's creations. That only last a few minutes, my kids always find me. Time for bed, I have so many thoughts and feelings reeling in my head now, I need to tune them out........God bless