Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ridiculously tired!

So I stayed up late to make this new blog and I am exhausted. I like to write, so I figured why not start a blog. I'll be hurting in the morning when the kids come into my bedroom and try to wake me. It's so annoying but so cute when they look at you real closely to see if you are awake, but you pretend to be asleep. This is practically a morning ritual in our house. When I try to stay asleep for a few minutes longer, I can forget it. By then they have trekked dolls and toy cars in to bed. Yep! I feel a little poke from the darn doll's arm. By then, my youngest is announcing that he needs *food*. He does not say breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's *food*. I wake up knowing there is so much to do, well sort of. We just moved to our new town and I am trying to figure things out around here. Like maybe driving myself around again! One panic attack while driving and I am a mess. I have driven like a pro for years(or at least I think I am a good driver, others think differently). But trying to drive in these mountainous roads and high altitudes are making me a wreck. Gosh, I really need to get past this. It makes me crazy to not be able to drive. I am praying everyday for this to pass. I have thought about playing the lotto to see if I win, then I can get a chauffer. Seriously! Moving has been draining, but WOW, Tennessee is beautiful. The mountains are amazing and peaceful. I alway hear the kids yelling in the background, but I usually tune it out, when I am looking at God's creations. That only last a few minutes, my kids always find me. Time for bed, I have so many thoughts and feelings reeling in my head now, I need to tune them out........God bless


  1. I love you are doing this and I love the title, but Gracie, you know you thrive in chaos. LOL I'm not sure how you are gonna handle peace and quiet. It will be interesting to find out. Either way, I miss you and love you dearly. Stay safe on them roads!!

  2. Dear Penny,
    You are my official #1 fan now! I am a chaos lover, but at nearly 44 yrs. old, I have got to slow down, lol. But then I would have to sell Savannah and Reed, lol.