Friday, February 4, 2011

Plastic do or not to do????

44 is fast approaching, and I am envisioning myself getting free coffee at McDonalds and getting tons of mail from AARP. I feel 44 is the new 34! and dang it, I want to look 34! I look in the mirror and have a million things to complain about. This much belly fat needs to go and boobs need to go up back where they belong...etc. They say a body like mine is the battlescars of popping out LOTS of kids, well, I am waving the white flag. I really want to get plastic surgery, but my chances of winning the lotto are slim, and money is tight. So what is a *want a perfect body wannabe* to do? I take notice to any woman who may have had plastic surgery and, I could look like that and where in world did they get the cash for it? It is expensive! I am not sure I want to be in debt to my body. But it is sure tempting, I mean the clock on youth is ticking for me. Thank God I have Savannah and Reed to make me look young, though I am sure many think they are my grandkids. I shall contemplate this surgery for awhile, because if it makes me feel like a million bucks and youthful again, maybe I will go for it. Hmmm, which kid could I sell to pay for it?? I will just have to photoshop myself everytime I look in the mirror for now. But I take comfort in knowing my tushie is not so bad. But then I cannot see it in the mirror, I will just take my husband's word for it.....Motherhood is Mayhem


  1. wonderful, I love ya! I have not posted in a long time, but here is my blog!

  2. You are beautiful just like you are. There is this thing called, "aging gracefuly". That is what I intend to do. that I think about it, a little lipo wouldn't hurt. :-)

  3. lol penny, I have the gracefully(haha) part already, but do not want the "aging part" in there. Lipo would be nice, seems painful.